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Sonia Q.

Yesterday I sent in a short proposal for an editing job. The client got back to me less than 5 minutes later. Before I knew it, she hired me and at more than double her initial budget!

Nicole M.

My Upwork career can be divided into two parts: Before Danny (B.D.) and After Danny (A.D.). I submitted a couple of proposals B.D., but let's just say I had no idea what I was doing. On my FIRST proposal A.D., I got the job--within 2 hours!

Abraar A.

I was working at low rates ($10/hour), sending out proposals every day and working long hours....A week later I started watching the videos and trying to implement Danny's strategies into my Upwork profile. By the time I'd sent out just 4 proposals, a client hired me for almost double the rate they proposed!

Cynthia S.

As a newbie to freelancing, I needed help navigating how to highlight my unique skill set, write an exceptional freelancer profile, and winning proposals. After joining Danny's course, I was able to write my 1st proposal, which secured a job paying almost $50 per hour!

Meet Danny

In 2012, I quit my job and decided to try my hand at freelancing. Within 24 months, I'd already closed my first six-figure year. Today I'm helping others live their dream of being well paid online freelancers.

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