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Daniel T.

I started in late January, and by the end of March I had raised my rates up to $75/hour...and I was winning jobs at that rate!

Sophie C.

Within just a couple of weeks of signing up for Danny's course, I was able to charge (and get) $600 for work I would previously have charged just $100 for! Pretty darned cool :)

Oleg S.

Before I took Danny's course, my earnings would be all over the place from $30 to $60 per hour. I took a big break from bidding on the site and came back to it after taking this course. And with Danny's help, I landed a $125 per hour gig right out of the gate!

Marian S.

Been devouring your lessons since Sunday. Got my first private invite today. No reviews. No Upwork history. Hired for $95/hour. And it's a writing project I actually want to do. Jaw, meet floor.

Meet Danny

In 2012, I quit my job and decided to try my hand at freelancing. Within 24 months, I'd already closed my first six-figure year. Today I'm helping others live their dream of being well paid online freelancers.

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