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Wayne H.

After signing up for Danny's hacks, I decided to bid on a couple of jobs at much higher rates than I'd been getting. Using one of his techniques in particular, I ended up winning both gigs! One was a job that paid me almost $50/hour (when I'd been getting $15). The other was a job at 3x what I was used to!

Debra F.

I must confess I used to have a negative view of Upwork. But then I saw one of Danny's articles on LinkedIn, which made me rethink things. Shortly after signing up for his hacks, I won a job that paid $1,000! :) If Danny hadn't shared his knowledge, I wouldn't be $1,000 richer, and I wouldn't be on this successful path right now.

Ellenor D.

Thanks to Danny's great hints, tips and expert advice, I quickly started attracting clients on Upwork. Before I knew it, I had 2 regular clients that offered me weekly work, and another 7 clients on the go with smaller projects. My hourly rate has gone from $30 to $65. I had to increase it because I was getting too much work (a really nice problem to have!).

Casey M.

When I first stumbled on one of Danny's articles, I didn't even have an Upwork account. But he inspired me create one and give it a shot. Within just 3 days, I'd already won my first job, and it paid well. A few days later I won my second job, even though I bid $50 over the client's budget!

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